The Team

Andréanne Poulin and Marc-André Servant teamed up in April 2009. Prior to their partnership, Marc-André and Andréanne were average at best with their former partners, ranking middle to bottom at every competition. However, the moment they paired up they had an instant connection. Although Andréanne and Marc-André’s journey has been filled with bumps and bruises, they have never given up and an amazing journey still continues to unfold right before their eyes. Still standing after surmounting illness and injuries, Marc-André and Andréanne keep challenging themselves every year with their programs. As ice dancers, you never want to be typecast in one specific role. For this reason, Marc-André and Andréanne try to come up with different concepts as new seasons come their way. To this day, they have skated to paso, Celtic, pop/modern, hip hop and lyrical music and more. After training six years under Shawn Winter and Elise Hamel in Quebec, Andréanne and Marc-André have relocated to Toronto. From now on, they will be training under Carol & Jon Lane as well as Juris Razgulaev alongside high-level international athletes. Now beginning their seventh season together, Andréanne and Marc-André’s focus is on enjoying the whole process no matter what comes their way.


Right now, Andreanne, 20, is a successful student. She’s a 2015 graduate of College Géreald-Godin in business and is planning to take on university in fall. She maintains a part-time job as a Thai Yoga practitioner to help her parents pay for training. On top of an already demanding schedule of being a college student and having a part-time job, Andreanne adds another 25-30 hours of intense physical training. Andréanne loves tea, coffee and chocolate. She basically has tasted every variety of tea sold at Davids Tea. Recent owner of an espresso machine, she’s dying to learn how to make the fancy designs like at Starbucks! Dark chocolate is definitely a main ingredient in her diet—a square of dark chocolate gives her a boost of energy mid training. Andréanne loves yoga almost as much as she loves yoga attire. She has A LOT of Lululemon and Titika attire. Pants, shorts, tanktops, t-shirts, longsleeve and jackets, name it and Andréanne for sure has it. After her skating career, Andréanne has plans to become an osteopath as well as a chiropractitioner. This way, Andréanne will be able to help the athletes of tomorrow in their process towards the Games.


Marc-Andre, now 24, graduated high school in 2010. He has a great interest in history and languages. If he wasn’t a figure skater he would probably be studying to become a history teacher. Marc-André left his family when he was 17 years old to pursue his dream to become a great ice dancer. He moved to Montreal in order to skate with Andie while she finished her high school diploma. Now, he is working as a dance partner/coach to absorb the costs of training. Marc-André has a secret talent. He remembers the lyrics to A LOT of songs, ranging from Alexisonfire to Etta James. Marc-André loves to cook and gets most of his inspiration from the Food Channel. Like Andréanne needs her chocolate, Marc-André needs his fix of blueberries. Marc-André is a true athlete, even when he plays video games. He usually alternates between his NBA or NHL game. Once Marc-André will be done with his competitive career as an ice dancer, he plans to start coaching ice dance on the national and international scene.