2015‑16 Short Dance: "Bon voyage dans la lune" (Marie-Élaine Thibert) / "A New Deal" from Ratatouille  (Michael Giacchino)
Free Dance: Selections from Birth  (Alexandre Desplat) / Piano Trio in G Major, Finale (Claude Debussy)
2014‑15 Short Dance: Tormenta de Fuengo / Diablo Rojo  (Henry Jackman)
Free Dance: Palladio  (Karl Jenkins) / Four Seasons  (Vivaldi) / Architect of the Mind  (Kerry Muzzey)
2012‑13 Short Dance: "Mars vs. Venus" (Usher) / "Without You" (David Guetta ft. Usher) [Junior];
"All These Things That I've Done" (The Killers) [Senior]
Free Dance: "American Empirical Pictures" / "Mr. Fox in the Fields" / "Canis Lupus" / "Whack-Bat Majorette Ensemble" from Fantastic Mr. Fox  (Alexandre Desplat)
2011‑12 Short Dance: "(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay" (Otis Redding) / "Mas que Nada"
Free Dance: Passion Nomad  (Dr. Draw)
2010‑11 Short Dance: "Keep Holding On" (Glee  Cast)
Free Dance: Somewhere in Time  (John Barry)
2009‑10 Original Dance "Moly Lovely Molly" (Emily Smith)
Free Dance "My Immortal" / "Bring Me to Life" (Evanescence)